There are tons of Android tablets available in the market, some performing really well, while some are just stuck in a rut of underperformance or mediocrity. The new year is still a couple of months in, which is high time for consumers and techies to have an updated rundown of the best Android tablets in 2017. Are the newbie Android tablets dominating the market? Or are there contenders ringing in from 2016?

According to Android Authority, these three gadgets are some of the best Android tablets in 2017 - Google Pixel C, Nexus 9 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0. What do these gadgets have in common and what are their best features that earned them the tag of best Android tablets 2017 as of Feb.?

The Google Pixel C is actually a surprising member of the best Android tablets 2017 squad. Considering that it was launched in 2015 at a Nexus event, its features must really be excellent considering that it successfully made a cross over to 2017. Some of the notable features of Google Pixel C include a wide 10.2-inch display, 3G RAM, 34.2 WHr battery powered by Android 6.0 Marshmallow and NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor.

Speaking of dated Android tablets, the Nexus 9 can also be considered as a dated member of the best Android tablet 2017 lineup. Since the Nexus 9 is a product of Google and HTC's collaboration, it can be considered as an Android lover's dream. As of writing, the Nexus 9 accommodates the latest version of Android and users can expect timely software updates for a couple of years.

For techies who want smaller tablets, the Samsung Galaxy tab S2 8.0 is the perfect choice for them, weighing in at 265 grams with a thickness of 5.6 mm. This certain tablet from Samsung is the perfect example of the saying "big things come in small packages." While it is smaller than other Android tablet counterparts, the powerful software and sleek, portable design secured it in the best Android tablet 2017 lineup. According to CNET, this Samsung tablet also comes in two sizes, 8.0 and 9.7.

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