"Pokemon GO" Gen 2 upgrade was released last week which had brought changes and enhancements to the very popular game. It was notable that the update has ditched the programming code for trading but 80 new pocket monsters from Johto have arrived.

According to WWG, "Pokemon GO" has restructured its game master file in preparation for the Gen 2 update. While looking through the reviewed game code, "Pokemon GO" players have noticed that Niantic has removed the code associated with trading.

Moreover, it was noted that ditching code will not affect the "Pokemon GO's" gameplay since the program was not yet incorporated. It was believed that Niantic has removed the code for it to be revised and prepare for an active release of the trading feature. Nevertheless, there are some "Pokemon GO" players who think that it's possible that Niantic programmers removed the code as a standard cleanup. It was also predicted that trading isn't any closer than it was four months ago when it was originally incorporated to the game.

Furthermore, Alphr has learned that "Pokemon GO's" website has publicized that the Gen 2 will deliver 80 additional Pokemon normally discovered in the Johto region. It further explained that certain Pokemon will be having gender-specific differences. There are also new creatures to catch and the "Pokemon GO" Gen 2 update also created some welcome changes.

It was also worth mentioning that "Pokemon GO" Gen 2 upgrade has presented a new night-mode map and encounter music aside from two new Berries. The new Poke Ball and Berry selection carousels were also incorporated with the encounter screen. Bonus Candies were also added as a prize for catching Evolved Pokemon.

Moreover, these are just a few of the modifications that "Pokemon GO" Gen 2 update has brought into the game. Also, the trading code feature is expected to be released as soon as Niantic has finished its enhancements.