"Frozen 2" is yet to surface and so far, there are some reasons allegedly being looked at as to why. There are those that are considerably bad, while some speculations point to something more believable. If not correct.

The 2013 hit "Frozen" has paved enough success for a sequel, especially after four years. However, it seems as if the wait will be an utterly long struggle, according to some surrounding hints on the movie's well-being. One such issue a supposed clash between the two stars of the princess' flick, which is said to be the cause of the "Frozen 2" delay.

According to Collider, one of the rumors pertaining to the "Frozen 2" delay claims that both Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell are in a heated conflict, which has lasted for quite a while now. This was then proven otherwise when Bell justified that the script is yet to be finished. At one point, Bell thought that they were about to record the tracks for the upcoming film, but it was later revealed that the team was is yet to come up with a story line.

Apart from that, "Frozen 2" was said to also be affected by the fact that Menzel is about to get married, and the singer-actress is to focus on her wedding arrangements. The period asked was still uncertain, although if proven correct, it will indeed need reasonable time for Menzel to get matters done. Bell, herself, is also focusing on her show on NBC, "The Good Place," as per IGN.

"Frozen 2" is yet to be given further concrete information, although talks have been circulating on potential plot twists and cameo appearances from other Disney characters. One such theory is an explanation towards the involvement of Tarzan as their brother, putting into account the ship tragedy that the parents suffered from. The same goes for the Peter Pan fairy Tinkerbell, despite the lack of further legitimacy. Nonetheless, all of the aforesaid rumors are recommended to be taken with a pinch of salt.