While revealing her life story before Meghan Markle became an actress and a renowned model, she said that she was so poor that she sometimes even couldn't afford to get to the auditions. At a time, she was a struggling actress. Also, Prince Harry's girlfriend spent few years as a cash-strapped fighter in Los Angeles.

Meghan Markle recalled how (a long time ago) she had no alternatives but to drive hand-me-down Ford Explorer Sports vehicle. She used that old car to get from one audition to another. While remembering her bad days, the "Suits" star said that once she was so poor that she couldn't afford even to fix her car door, according to Mail Online

However, that didn't stop Meghan Markle from entering her car. She climbed inside the vehicle through the boot and somehow reach to the steering wheel. She said that the clicker failed to open the front doors. So, that was the only way for her to reach to different places for auditions.

Meghan Markle funnily remembers how she intentionally parked her car at the back of the parking space so she could get inside the vehicle without other people seeing the condition of her car.  What's more, actress' vehicle sounded like the engine of a steamboat and she tied her license plate to the bumper using Bungee cord.

It surely hasn't been an easy ride for Meghan Markle who now enjoys a jet-set lifestyle, thanks to her association with the member of the royal family. Things have changed for the hardworking 35-year-old actress who now plays an important role in the legal drama "Suits", The Sun reports. 

Now, apart from being the girlfriend of Prince Harry, Markle is also a dedicated humanitarian who loves being a girl boss. She writes her own lifestyle blog that reflects the way of life she admires. Just a few days ago, the actress posted that her life is "all about red carpet at one time and refugee camp another time. " So, if we ask Meghan Markle, both these things can co-exist in a person's life.