Nintendo Switch is considered one of the most anticipated pieces of hardware to date, alongside the likes of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, there may be some limitation as to what it can do, and which electronic devices it will be compatible with.

As some may know, the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console that can be converted to a handheld device whenever pleased. This is labeled as the device's portable mode, one which sets it apart from the other consoles. It was revealed lately that not all of the games that will be made for the device will be compatible with the television set.

As per Tech Radar, the Nintendo Switch will have the game "Voez," a touch-screen rhythm game made for the iOS and Android devices and launched 2016. It is best applied to the tablet but could prove less admirable for the Nintendo Switch. It was revealed that the buttons of the device will not be accessible once the game is on, and as great as it may sound, this may not be the only game to have the said feature in the future.

The other features of the Nintendo Switch that appeals to the masses include the pleasant "click" sound and visual cue whenever the device goes into a portable mode. Though this may not be entirely as impactful as the other features, it definitely brings about a signature touch from the company. This not only signals that the mode is active, but it also implies that the device is ready to be picked up for playing, as per Techno Buffalo.

The Nintendo Switch faces some serious competition from both Microsoft and Sony in terms of features and offers that make them popular and powerful. While Microsoft has the "Project Scorpio" and Sony has the "PlayStation VR" and the others like it, Nintendo offers versatility and near never-ending gaming experience. What do you think of this hybrid console?