'Before I Fall' Movie: Morbid 'Mean Girls?' Why It's Not Your Typical Teenage Drama Film

"Before I Fall" is one of the highly-anticipated movies of 2017, tackling the unique and poignant drama of teenage life. The movie is based on a novel by Lauren Oliver with the same title. While at first glance, "Before I Fall" might be considered as a one of those typical teenage romantic dramas, the people behind the production believe otherwise.

According to Slant Magazine, Zoey Deutch plays the role of popular girl, Samantha Kingston. This is considered to be her major role that took the 22-year old actress out of her comfort zone and usual roles. What makes "Before I Fall" different from other teenage drama films? According to Bustle, the upcoming film has been dubbed as a crossbreed between the movies "Ground Hog Day" and "Mean Girls."

Why? Because "Before I Fall" revolves on a high school girl named Sam, who can be likened to Regina George who loves to torment unpopular girls. However, a tragic car accident changes her life and she eerily ends up reliving the day of the accident again and again. This is where the plot thickens as Sam tries to find the reason why she's made to relive that horrible day of the accident.

The complexities of the plot erases the similarities of "Before I Fall" to the light plot of "Ground Hog Day" and "Mean Girls." When scrutinized from a different perspective, many who have watched the trailer believe that "Before I Fall" is actually a self-awakening movie for teens who are wrapped up in serious detrimental issues such as alcoholism, sexual assualt, bullying and the like. Put simply, "Before I Fall" is not to be taken lightly as the movie unravels a darker, more realistic side of high school life.

In the "Before I Fall" official trailer, one of the most heartbreaking scenes was the part where the girls got involved in a car accident. Realistically speaking, many high school students have died because of car accidents that usually happen after a night of heavy partying and drinking. Haven't seen the trailer yet? Check out "Before I Fall" official trailer below!


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