Sony PlayStation 5 Release Date: Sony Confirms New Console is in The Works [VIDEO]

Sony has done its best when it comes to catering to the public's demand. In 2016 alone, the Japanese technology giant has released PlayStation 4 Slim (PS4 Slim), PlayStation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro), and PlayStation VR. With all these new devices, one may ask if it is really time to talk already about the Sony PlayStation 5 (PS 5).

By this time, fans and gamers have already tested the all-new PS4 Slim, PlayStation VR, and PS4 Pro. Although these new devices are great in their own ways, fans and gamers are drawn to think more of what Sony PlayStation 5 (PS 5) will be like in the future.

According to Tech Radar, the PS4 Pro may be 4K-capable already, but with the way 4K TV are developing now, there will definitely come a time that the device's 4K-capability will not be enough. It is like Sony just teased its loyal users and gamers of what 4K gaming will be like in the future with Sony PlayStation 5 (PS 5).

Fortunately, Sony has already confirmed that Sony PlayStation 5 is indeed in the works already. The company's Worldwide Studios President even said that PS5 is certainly not to be questioned anymore, it just a matter of when the new device will be unveiled.

According to MStars, Sony PlayStation 5 will definitely have better support for 4K resolution gaming. The 4K gaming in PS 5 will provide and satisfy the intense demands of hard-core gamers who want to experience real 4K gaming. The Sony PlayStation 5 is also expected to have better support for Virtual Reality.

Sony PlayStation 5 price is expected to be higher in cost than its predecessors, probably costing $500 more. With its enhanced support for 4K gaming and Virtual Reality, the Sony PS 5 will surely be worth every penny.

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