'Frozen 2' News Update: Disney Movie Will Premiere In 2019; Kristen Bell Reveals Reason For Delayed Launch [VIDEO]

Disney patrons have been keeping an eye for the "Frozen 2" release date. Luckily, Kristen Bell shed some light as she revealed some of the reasons behind the delayed premiere of the much-awaited movie.

According to The Telegraph, once the "Frozen" movie got a go signal for production, it took two years to create the film. While Disney will reasonably don't want to rush along a full-length sequel to its record-breaking movie, it is actually knotted for the time.

It was also noted that Disney already showed a roadmap of its scheduled movies for 2017 and 2018. As a matter of fact, it has revealed that list of the projects which include the life-action versions of Beauty and the Beast and Mulan, the animated originals Coco and Gigantic, and sequels to Wreck-It Ralph, Cars and The Incredibles. The "Frozen 2" is not one of the projects scheduled which have led to the conclusion that it might hit the big screens in 2019.

Furthermore, Collider has learned that Kristen Bell Kristen Bell has affirmed that the main reason why "Frozen 2" was not yet unveiled is because writers are still settling the movie's script. The "Bad Moms" actress even stated that she already thought that they will be starting recording, but she was mistaken. She further said that they haven't started and that the writers are still polishing the script.

It was also worth mentioning that there have been reports claiming that Disney is not yet prioritizing "Frozen 2" as of this moment. This was due to the huge projects in line such as the "Beauty and the Beast" and the "Little Mermaid" movies. Aside from that, there have been patrons of "Frozen" who have been blaming Emma Watson and Chloe Moretz for the postponement of the much-awaited film.

For now, it was expected that "Frozen 2" will hit the big screens in 2019. Nevertheless, it was not yet confirmed by Disney, so the avid fans of "Frozen" still have to wait for further details.

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