Louis Tomlinson recently entered a rather uncanny situation which led to a short arrest. The former One Direction member was said to have been involved in a rubble with paparazzi, but more intriguingly, two female civilians who said that the pop star insulted and assaulted them.

Several videos have surfaced online regarding the Louis Tomlinson clash, and while this may shine a little bit of what happened, the score is said to be a lot more than what it seemed. New information not only suggested that Tomlinson did not instigate the attack, but also doing whichever physical reaction only to defend his girlfriend, Eleanor.

According to Radar Online, the 25-year-old Louis Tomlinson was seen assaulting a photographer, presumed due to the invasion of space by the said media. As recent footage does show the artist getting physical, he also rushed to his girlfriend's aid as three people were seen attacking her, with Tomlinson caught trying to separate them. It was shown in the clip as well that one of the assailants was knocked down, which is now one of the more severe parts of the case.

As per TMZ, the woman looks to file charges towards Tomlinson under the claim of being "socked in the face" at the LAX airport. Having said so, the woman said that she will ensure Tomlinson receives jail time, however, the star was not given the sentence. Louis Tomlinson is also scheduled to appear in court, also at Los Angeles, on March 29, 2017. The records show that the star only spent merely an hour and a half at the police station.

Louis Tomlinson's camp implied that the tension was merely caused by the paparazzi's provocation, in which the situation then spiraled out of control rapidly. Much intrigue has surrounded the case, but until the official court hearing occurs, fans of the pop star can keep their fingers crossed.