'Fantastic Four' Cast Choices Named; Here's Who People Think Would Fit

"Fantastic Four" is one franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that received its share of reboots in the past. The 2015 movie showed how a movie's tone can change but growth is not bound to be stagnant.

As some may know, the 2015 "Fantastic Four" received a variety of feedback from fans all over the globe. Starring Miles Teller ("Whiplash"), Kate Mara ("Shooter"), Michael B. Jordan ("Creed") Jamie Bell ("The Adventures of Tintin") and Toby Kebbell ("Wrath of the Titans"), a next movie could either keep or create new with fans speaking on who can take their places.

According to Screen Rant, some of the ideas surrounding the "Fantastic Four" casting shows the likes of Joseph Gordon-Levitt ("The Walk") as a potential candidate for Reed Richards or Mr. Fantastic. While this character poses a rather limited number of choices to pick from, the role of Susan Storm or the Invisible Woman. One such is Rosamund Pike ("Gone Girl"), as well as Carey Mulligan ("The Great Gatsby"), both of which have proven to be quite the outstanding personalities in the big screen.

One interesting character is that of Thing, with some agreeing that already existing Marvel star Vin Diesel ("Guardians of the Galaxy") can fill. However, avid fans also claim that series stars both from "The Walking Dead"-can put their selves on the spotlight. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) and Michael Cudlitz (Abraham) are seemingly popular choices for the clobbering creature.

Rami Malek ("The Master") is one name suggested for Johnny Storm or the Human Torch, as well as comedian Damon Wayans Jr. ("The Underground"). According to Dark Horizons, Kebbell may no longer be as interested in portraying Doctor Doom again, which potentially leaves the slot open for changes. One of which is another Marvel face, Wes Bentley ("Ghost Rider"), along with Hollywood heavy-hitter Joaquin Phoenix ("Her") being looked at for the next "Fantastic Four."

Who do you think will fit the characters best in "Fantastic Four?" Stay locked for more movie news and updates.

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