"Star Wars' fans have been waiting for the eight installment of the movie and while waiting for the premiere, a lot of theories and predictions are surfacing all over the wire. It was now speculated that "Star Wars 8" entitled "The Last Jedi" will reveal that Rey is a clone of Luke Skywalker.

According to Metro, the patrons of "Star Wars" has witnessed the end of "The Force Awakens" in 2015 features young Rey which was played by Daisy Ridley, came head-on with Luke Skywalker, portrayed by Mark Hamill. Ever since then, the fans of the movie have been pondering about the connection with these two characters since the world of space war is susceptible to some sort of strange unbelievable twist of fate.

Recently, YouTube theorist named Mike Zeroh has trashed all beliefs that Rey and Luke Skywalker might be father and daughter. He now theorized that the "Star Wars 8" would reveal the idea that Rey is in fact Luke's female clone

Moreover, Korea Portal stated three reasons why it is really possible. First, it was noted that in the previous sagas, like the "Attack of the Clones" is one example why it can is likely to happen. Though there might be a father and daughter dealing between Rey and Luke but once the "Star Wars 8" hits the big screen there might be another twist to be revealed.

Another reason is that he apparently heard that Emperor Palpatine might have obtained Luke's hand and creating a female clone. Last but not the least; the patrons of Star Wars" might also refer to the scenario created by the CGI animated series entitled "The Clone Wars" indicating that Rey is really a clone of Luke.

With these probabilities, it really indicated that "Star Wars 8" entitled "The Last Jedi" may incorporate that kind of theory since the movie is really full of twist and turns. Moreover, these are just based on theories, thus advised to be taken with a pinch of salt.