The DJI Mavic Pro has been always compared with its sibling DJI Phantom 4 but it seems that these two drones are really powerful in its own ways. Now, the pride of the Chinese tech company will battle out against GoPro Karma drone to prove which one should be on top.

According to Auto World News, both DJI Mavic Pro and GoPro Karma are reflected as two completely different drones. Nevertheless, the possibility of being compared with one another is really high given that some users wanted to know if they have a powerful device

The DJI Mavic Pro and GoPro Karma came from the two popular names in the drone industry and these devices almost have same features and specifications so it is reasonable to make comparisons between the two.

Moreover, PetaPixel made a keen comparison between the DJI Mavic Pro and GoPro Karma Drone. Starting with the weight, the DJI Mavic Pro only weighs 1.62 pounds while the GoPro Karma is bulkier as it weighs at 2.22 pounds.

The portability aspect is also important specifically for those tech enthusiasts who are there for adventure and exploration. When folded, the DJI Mavic Pro measures 83 x 83 x 198mm as compared to Karma which measures 89.9 x 224.3 x 356.2mm.Based on the numbers, the DJI Mavic Pro is meaningfully more portable seeing its measurements making it easier and more convenient to bring in different locations.

Another important aspect is the time wherein the essence and speed are the primary prerequisites. The DJI Mavic Pro is faster since it has the ability to fly at 40mph while on Sport Mode. On the other hand, the GoPro Karma only is capable of flying at 35mph.

Additionally, the DJI Mavic Pro is also fortified with obstacle sensors which were called the FlightAutonomy obstacle avoidance system. Meanwhile, the GoPro Karma lacks features such as obstacle prevention and "Follow Me" mode.

These are some of the differences between the DJI Mavic Pro and GoPro Karma. Accordingly, it really appears that the Mavic Pro wins the battle against the Karma drone as it exhibited portability, faster flight and of course obstacle avoidance system.