Apple Inc. is really facing tough competition in the smartphone arena as there have been a lot of phone manufacturers delivering flagship killer devices. But then, the top contender which is the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 will be compared to iPhone 8 to prove which one should get the top spot.

According to Telegiz, Microsoft will be Apple's strongest competitor since the Redmond-based company patrons upon the release of the Surface Studio, Surface Pro, and Surface Book. Consequently, the fans are also excited to see the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 to battle out against Apple's iPhone 8 to prove supremacy.

Beginning with the Apple iPhone 8, there have been speculations that the upcoming handset is codenamed Ferrari. When it comes with the features and specs, it was believed to boast an edgeless display, glass body with no Home button, and a curved screen to compete with Samsung's flagship handset.

It was also anticipated to arrive with wireless battery charging support. Apple might also release three iPhones with two 4.7-inch models equipped with TFT-LCD screens and a 5.5-inch model fortified with an OLED screen. The iPhone 8 might also be equipped with an iris scanning technology that can be used with the Apple Pay.

On the other hand, The Science Times noted that the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 might feature a 5.5 AMOLED display. Also, there is a huge possibility that it might be engineered with Intel or Snapdragon 835 CPU that will be partnered with 4GB of RAM. It was predicted to house a 128 GB storage capacity that can be further expanded through microSD card.

Aside from that, the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 might be armed with a display with 1440 x 2560 pixels in Quad-HD resolution. As for the camera department, it could be furnished with a powerful 21 MP rear-facing a camera and an 8 MP front-facing snapper. Additionally, the Surface Phone it could also arrive with a USB-C port and a Surface Pen.

These are the top caliber specs and features that the iPhone 8 and Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 might have. Moreover, the choice is still up to the consumers which one will fit in with their needs.