‘The Mummy’ Reboot Update: Positron, Universal Pictures Collaborate to Bring ‘Zero Gravity VR Experience,’ Users Upset

The VR seat company Positron and Universal Pictures worked together to bring a different kind of virtual reality experience called "Zero Gravity VR Experience." The event took place at the recent SXSW 2017 and featured the film company's upcoming movie, "The Mummy" Reboot.

The affair has an expensive setting complete with a life-sized "Egyptian" sarcophagus from "The Mummy" Reboot. To give an absolute experience, the VR seats can be compared to the arrangement seen inside the posh movie houses.

Aside from "The Mummy" Reboot, the VR seats called Positron Voyagers caught everyone's attention. The company just launched its high-quality benches at Sundance Film Festival in January and from there, it is often used in VR and film shows, Engadget reported.

While watching "The Mummy" Reboot, it seemed like people were sitting on an Arne Jacobsen egg chair that won't make it users feel sick. Positron Voyager has its own controller that can manage "pitch and yaw" to ignite the seat's movement. It also has a built-in Subpac for some added vibration, a typical Oculus Rift headset and noise-canceling headphones.

Moreover, Tom Cruise was seen narrating the zero-gravity action scenes "The Mummy" Reboot has that ran from about 10 minutes. Fortunately, Positron Voyager won't make its users look everywhere around them with its "semi-contained enclosure."

According to Mashable, it would make its user put its sole attention in front of them while watching "The Mummy" Reboot. In fact, it was just like watching a typical movie on the silver screen. However, the publication reported that "The Mummy: Zero Gravity VR Experience" didn't match the action brought by Positron Voyager.

The VR experience just made the people crave to see more of "The Mummy" Reboot, living them hanging. After the user wore the Oculus Rift headset, Tom Cruise would begin building excitement and anticipation what the watcher would feel like floating in zero gravity with him.

The former husband of Katie Holmes' co-star Annabelle Wallis was also seen when the fictional Hercules plane the Positron Voyager user was in fell from the sky. "The Mummy" Reboot is set to be released on June 9.

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