OnePlus and Apple are just two of the many tech companies in the smartphone arena. Now, the OnePlus 5 and iPhone 8 will be compared to prove if the Chinese device maker can ace over the Apple's upcoming flagship device.

According to AndroidPIT, the OnePlus 5 is expected to be engineered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset and there is a probability that it can be partnered with an enormous 6 GB of RAM. It was also reported that OnePlus will certainly equip its forthcoming flagship killer with a WQHD (2,560 x 1,440 pixels) for the display. This move from the company is done for it not to be left behind by other smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and others.

In contrary, there have been speculations that the OnePlus 5 could sport a Snapdragon 821 or 830 chipset instead. Under its chassis, it might house either 64GB or 128GB of memory, depending on the model arrangement. There is also a possibility that OnePlus will incorporate a USB Type-C connector and that the upcoming smartphone will be powered by a huge 4,000mAh capacity battery pack.

On the other hand, PC Advisor has learned that the iPhone 8 might sport a 5.8in edge-to-edge screen with bezel-less display and no physical home button. It was also believed that the upcoming iPhone will be fortified with 3D front-facing camera could replace Touch ID. There are also talks stating that this smartphone will be equipped with the latest Intel LTE modem.

The iPhone 8 is assumed to arrive pre-installed with iOS 11 software and it might be engineered with Apple's A11 processor. As for the internal storage, it was rumored that it may house a 64- or 256 GB memory that will be paired by 3 GB of RAM. It was also speculated that there is probability that the iPhone 8 might change in case material to either glass or ceramic. Rumors also suggest that the upcoming handset from Apple will feature a long-range wireless charging but then, this technology may not come until 2018 so it is not likely to happen.

These are just a few of the possible specs that the OnePlus 5 and iPhone 8 might offer. Moreover, the decision is still up to the consumers which of the two suit in with their needs.