MediaTek, TMSC Tie Up Update: 7nm Smartphone Processor Already In The Works; Taiwanese Chipset Maker Will Compete Against Qualcomm & Samsung [VIDEO]

MediaTek and TSMC previously worked together and now these to tech companies will again collaborate its efforts to create a 7nm smartphone chipset. This upcoming processor expected to challenge Samsung and Qualcomm's Snapdragon.

Phone Arena has learned that MediaTek and TSMC formerly worked together way back in 2015 to create the Helio X20 and X25 chipsets which were armed with 10 CPU cores. These two chipset makers also work together to develop the Helio X30 which was finally launched last month.

Nevertheless, there have been problems with the shipments of Helio X30. As a matter of fact, DigiTimes stated in its article that the 10nm process of TSMC has generated low and problematic rates. With this, scenario there has been negative effects to the shipments of the Helio X30. MediaTek conversely denied that the schedule of delivery for the 10nm chips has been altered and it even assured that the fans could expect the flagship chips to be rolled out within the second quarter of this year. As of this moment, it was said that the 10nm Helio X30 is currently in mass production.

Moreover, there have been reports earlier this month that MediaTek has surrendered the battle with Qualcomm in manufacturing ARM chips for Windows 10 PCs. This decision of the Taiwanese company came about after Microsoft and Qualcomm come into contact with a deal to have Windows 10 support ARM chips with X86 emulation.

But then, despite the fact that MediaTek already gave up with the ARM race for Windows 10, the company still challenges Qualcomm's newest chipset; the Snapdragon 835. With the helping hand of TSMC, MediaTek hopes that the 7nm manufacturing process will be the key to producing a 12 core processor that is a mile better than the processors release up to date

Aside from that, MediaTek and TSMC tie up will also have another rival in form of Samsung which was believed to have scheduled to mass produce its 7nm processors early next year. If the South Korean tech giant's plans happen, its much-owned 12 core CPU will be launched in 2018 just a perfect time for the Galaxy S9 to be the first to come out engineered with the 7nm chipset.

As of now, MediaTek and TSMC haven't stated any word yet regarding the 7nm smartphone processor release. Moreover, the company's patrons hope that these two chipset makers to be successful in its endeavors.

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