Microsoft Surface Book 2 News & Update: Possible Release Date Before Second Half Of 2017


After the successful release of the Microsoft Surface Book talks about the progress of its successor, the Microsoft Surface Book 2, has been circulating. Fans are excited for the release of the new device. It is highly-anticipated to bring many firsts to consumers.

Rumor has it that the Microsoft Surface Book 2 is set to launch before the second half of 2017. Microsoft, however, has not had any official announcement regarding its scheduled release date. The company has also not divulged any information on the price range as well as on the specification of the said device.

In August 2016, it can be recalled that Microsoft took to its Instagram account and posted an image of what many speculated was the Microsoft Surface Book 2. If the photo is really a teaser of the said device, fans should be expecting a significant improvement in its design. It can be noticed that the hinge on the uploaded photo has fewer ridges as compared to that of the current Surface Book. As for the price, it will most likely start at $1499 just like the Surface Book as indicated on Microsoft's website.

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 is also rumored to be equipped with Kaby Lake. There is, however, no assurance to that as Microsoft hasn't been making any official statement about it. If the device is going to use the Kaby Lake processor, there is a big possibility that it will be released within this year. Intel has recently announced that the seventh-generation processing chip, Kaby Lake is finally up and ready for mass production.

Speculations on the release of Microsoft Surface Book 2 has even created buzz because of the recent drop in price of the older Surface Book. It is unusual for a company to reduce the price of their current products. Could it be that they are working on the launch of a new generation device? It looks like Microsoft is trying to get rid of the old stock in preparation for the arrival of the new one.

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