Google Nexus 6 recently got its Android 7.1.1. update. However, reports on the phone's speakers and some security issues were identified by some users.

Google Nexus 6's Android 7.1.1. update is reported to have a strange effect on the speakers. Users reported that there are annoying echo and some strange sounds on the front speaker which is usually used for hands-free calls.

Google Nexus 6 users were positive that the strange noises and echoes were brought about by the Android 7.1.1 update because when they flashed back to 7.0, the speaker issues disappeared. Some also tried to downgrade the phone app, but it did not solve the problem. According to Android Police, the problem probably stems out from the microphone.

During a speakerphone conversation with Google Nexus 6, users will hear an echo that is not conducive to effective conversation. The sound seems to be feeding into the speaker, making the other person in the line hear his own voice. One can mute the microphone to eliminate the noises, but that would defeat the purpose of the hands-free call. Google has reportedly acknowledged the speaker's issue.

Google Nexus 6 users have also complained about the Android Pay after the March security Android update according to a report by ZDNet. The update seems to break Android's SafteyNet API which verifies whether a device has been rooted or its software tampered.

As a rule, sensitive applications, like Android Pay, are disabled when it does not pass the SafetyNet. Third-party developers are encouraged to integrate SafetyNet into their app to ensure safety and security for the personal data of the users. Google Nexus 6 owners affected by these issues are advised to manually install or flash the previous software update. With these issues that bug Google Nexus 6 users, the tech giant company is quick in addressing the concerns.