Kate Middleton Talks About Mental Health At Best Beginnings Even As She Struggles Being Married To Prince William

Kate Middleton refused to be intimidated by the controversies hounding her marriage to Prince William lately. Instead of sulking in the corner, the Duchess of Cambridge opted to fulfill her royal responsibilities by delivering a speech at Best Beginnings to introduce their "Out of the Blue" series. The series of films is aimed at promoting the importance of mental health.

Middleton has always projected an almost perfect image from head to toe that people sometimes forget she is still a human who also struggle with challenges. Her speech at Best Beginnings, a charity organization that promoted maternal mental health, has proven that even royalty is not immune to the challenge.

"Sadly, for some mothers, this experience can be made so much harder due to challenges with their own mental health," Middleton said. "Two in ten women will suffer mental health issues that can occur during pregnancy and in the year after birth, often clouding their moments of joy with a real sense of darkness and isolation."

Middleton said moms are sometimes afraid to ask for help because they fear this would make others think less of them, according to Women's Health. There is, however, also a need to talk about the stress and strains of motherhood. She said asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

The Royal Family has initiated a campaign to remove the stigma of mental health and her presence at the Best Beginnings is part of this initiative. The organization is a partner of Heads Together, a charity founded by Middleton, Prince William and Prince Harry. The group aims to lessen social challenges by creating awareness about mental illness.

Middleton is not, however, the first royalty to talk openly about the challenges of parenting. Prince William admitted in a 2016 interview with "Talk Vietnam" about the struggles of fatherhood. During that time, he admitted that it was difficult for him to transform from being a single and independent man to becoming a husband and father.

Middleton and Prince William are presently facing a challenge in their marriage, according to EOnline. Being a princess is already hard enough, but being in the limelight because of William's drunk-dancing and partying can be twice as hard. Her speech could be an indication of what she must be going through right now.

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