Microsoft Corporation fans have been keeping an eye to the announcement of Microsoft Surface Pro 5. But until now, there is still no concrete details about the launch of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 successor and reports suggest that the delayed is due to Intel Kaby Lake Processor.

According to ARS Technica, the delayed launch of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is mainly because of the availability of Intel Kaby Lake chipset. Nevertheless, it has been reported that the processor is already in transit which could mean that it is only a matter of time until Microsoft unveils the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 successor.

It was also noted that a lot of reports are suggesting that the Microsoft Surface Pro5 will be running with the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update. This major component is slated to debut in April making tech pundits believe that the upcoming hybrid device from the Redmond-based company will become available during that time.

When it comes to possible specs and features, Droid Report has noted that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 might be furnished with 4K display. Conversely, other news suggests that it is most likely to happen since having a 4K display will mean more battery charge to be consumed and it has been the issue on Microsoft Surface Pro line-up.

Additionally, it was speculated that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be engineered with Intel Kaby Lake processor which has been reported to be blamed for the delay. In contrary, other rumors suggest that it will be powered AMD Ryzen chipset that will help the device to achieve Microsoft's philosophy of conserving energy. Other features that might be incorporated are rechargeable Surface Pen and a new keyboard.

Until now, Microsoft hasn't announced any information about the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date. Hopefully, the Redmond-based tech company would unveil the hybrid laptop next month as its patrons are getting restless about the launch of the gadget.