Lady Gaga has compared herself to Tiffany jewelry, but in a surprisingly profound way.

Gaga is the face of Tiffany's new HardWear collection, as seen in a series of new glamorous shots released this week. The pop superstar spoke with Vanity Fair about how she relates to the collection and the role of fashion in her life.

"It's different and elegant -- but it's not what you would expect of elegance. That's like me I think -- I'm a bit different," she said. "Tiffany's represents timeless American jewelry. It is so definitive and iconic in the way that it has trademarked its vision, but it continues to push and be interesting and evolve with the times."

Gaga gave a special shout-out to her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, for instilling a love of fashion and confidence from an early age.

"I'm so fascinated with my mother as a style icon," Gaga said. "She handled our life, and my father's life, with so much dignity and grace. She carries whatever she wears like a queen. My mother has this undeniable ability to lead with kindness-it's her strength, stealth, and power."

Through almost a decade in mainstream music and celebrity, Gaga has become a bonafide fashion icon herself. The singer became very well known for her avant garde outfits, from the meat dress at the VMAs to a full coat made up of Kermit the Frogs to a spiky red face mask and sheer dress.

While she has toned down her outrageous style in recent years, Gaga still shows that wild side once in a while on red carpets. She famously dressed in a spacey blue outfit and bright orange hair on the red carpet of last year's Grammys, in addition to a hair metal-inspired look with gigantic boots at the Met Gala.