Samsung Electronics might launch its upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 during IFA 2017 just like its previous releases of Galaxy Note lineup.

According to BGR, it was earlier this year when the South Korean tech company has confirmed that it's working on Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which will be enhanced and safer than Galaxy Note 7. With that being said, it is a clear sign Samsung will not abandon the Note brand despite the disaster it had faced.

Samsung may have questioned the mechanical integrity of its Galaxy Note 7 batteries for the fires, but then that is only a part of the story. The company's desires to incorporate significantly bigger battery inside the Samsung Galaxy Note 8's predecessor and to unveil the product earlier than the iPhone 7 series were both reasons that contributed to the device's end.

Now, the big question is when Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will make its first appearance. Luckily Ubergizmo has learned that IFA Executive Director Jens Heithecker stated that he assumes that the South Korean tech giant will unveil the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 during the said event. But then, the news outlet also clarified that this seems to be just the estimation of Heithecker as conflicting to the speculations. Nevertheless, his reasoning really makes sense.

 "My personal perspective is that IFA would be the better place (to unveil the new Note smartphone). The big advantage is that we have a lot of media and journalists from all around the world in Berlin. It is not possible to bring them all together in other cities wherever it is, in August. That's our offer," Heithecker stated during an interview.

Conversely, whether or not the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will happen during the IFA 2017 still remains to be seen. But then, the media outlet stated that what is known is that Samsung has established that there will be a Note 8.