Apple iPad Pro 2 has been roaming around the rumor mills and it is now predicted to hit market shelves this month or early next month.

According to News4C, Apple patrons are expecting the Cupertino-based tech company to unveil the three size variants of iPad Pro 2 in late April or early May. But then, another speculation has surfaced stating that the company is expected to announce a bunch of forthcoming products including iPad Pro 2 during the Worldwide Developers Conference. Aside from that, it was also believed that new versions of iOS and MacOS will take the center stage during the said event.

For reference, the WWDC is an annual event that is being hosted by Apple and which will be held in San Jose, California starting June 5 until June 9. It was also mentioned that this year will be the first time that Apple's WDC will be held in San Jose.

When it comes with iPad Pro 2 specs, The News Independent has noted that the iPad Pro 2 is anticipated to sport a 12.9-inch display as well as other size variations. The upcoming tablet from Apple could probably arrive featuring True Tone color matching, which is similar to its forerunner. The handset is also anticipated to be engineered by an A10X processor, and there is also a likelihood that it will be equipped with 3D touch feature.

There were also speculations that the iPad Pro 2 will have a larger internal storage of at least 512 GB. It is predicted to feature a Touch Bar, a feature that is currently present in the MacBook Pro.

As for the iPad Pro 2 price, it has been mentioned that the 9.7-inch model will cost $599 and the 12.9-inch model will be tagged around $799. Unluckily, there is no available information about the cost of 10.5-inch model, but it will definitely be priced at somewhere in between the other two variants.