Microsoft Surface laptop will contend against Google's Chromebook

Microsoft will be releasing its upcoming Surface laptop on May 2 which will surely contend against Google's Chromebook.

According to Forbes, Microsoft is now focusing mainly on software and how it can drive the users into the cloud. But then it also gives an opportunity to unveil new hardware that backs up the drive to the cloud.

It was also believed that the Redmond-based company will launch a Surface device that is fortified with lower specs that will use Windows 10 Cloud. This is a new variant of Windows 10 that centers on cloud services and also emphasizes lower cost technology.

Moreover, there is also a probability that Microsoft keeps the Surface brand for the higher end equipment. But in contrary, recent leak details about the specifications around Windows 10 Cloud machines reveals that Microsoft is going to be part of the game. Despite te fact that it is through third-party hardware.

When it comes with the leaked specs, Droid Report has noted that aside from the huge possibility that Microsoft will shift to Intel Kaby Lake, the Microsoft Surface Windows 10 Cloud laptop could also arrive engineered with a quad-core processor. It will also be packed with a 4 GB of RAM that will be paired by 32 GB of internal storage. Lastly, its battery can supposedly last for at least 10 hours a day.

Upon comparing those specs with the dropped Microsoft Surface 3, the rumored specs are somewhat higher compared to its Surface 3. Thus, this is somewhat a tease to impending refreshed Surface 3 style device.

It can be recalled that Google has so far been popular with the low-cost cloud computing solution on its end. Also, it appears that it is only normal that other laptop makers would try to enter and get a share of the market and Microsoft is now doing its move through Surface Windows 10 Cloud laptop.

In this scenario, the same news outlet asked if Google has something to be alarmed with this move by Microsoft. The answer to this question will be revealed next week when the Microsoft event takes place on May 2.

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