Durable Roads Made Of Plastic Being Tested In UK

Plastic roads which are not just environment-friendly are now being tested in the UK. The said technology is also expected to be incorporated in other countries' highways.

According to The Drive, MacRebur; a Scotland-based company was able to come up with a way to construct roads that are made of recycled plastic. The said highways are stronger and longer-lasting when compared to usual asphalt-based roads.

The roads which are constructed by MacRebur with plastic materials are called the MR6. This gets mixed with other road-making supplies to bond the street together. The said method replaces the need for the oil-based element which is known as bitumen. Usually, the roads are made of 90 percent rock, sand, limestone and 10 percent bitumen. But then with MacRebur's substance, it replaces the requirement of the last wasteful material.

The MR6 is manufactured fully using waste materials that get mixed into asphalt to construct durable roads. According to MacRebur, the roads that were built with MR6 are less likely to crack compared with the conventional roads. The company claimed that it also lessen the resistance, which could help increase fuel economy for any automobiles using the highway.

Furthermore, Digital Trends has interviewed U.K. entrepreneur and engineer Toby McCartney and he describes the technology as a real win-win across the industry. This was because it decreases the dependence on fossil fuels due to the decline in oil that is needed to be used as part of the formulation. He further claimed that it helps reduce the waste plastic going to landfill, and it also improves the streets.

Aside from that McCartney stated that it saves money for all complexes. In fact, the companies that sell the waste plastic can save money by not being taxed for transporting the material to landfill. The local governments also save money because it can get a long-lasting road which needs fewer repairs. Drivers can also save money since they will be driving on improved roads, with fewer fissures.

The news outlet also stated that McCartney said that this technology is expected to hit other countries. In addition, he noted that the integration of plastic based roads should be done the right way.

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