Another day, another back-and-forth moment between T.I. and Tiny on Instagram.

While fans are wondering why they don't just get back together already, the rapper and songstress are busy going at it on social media.

In the latest installment of their public disagreements, T.I. called out his wife, Tiny, for putting their almost bare naked daughter, Heiress Harris, on Instagram.

Tiny gave the child, who recently turned one, a bath in the video she posted on social media earlier this week.

She wrote, "Switching it up a bit... I'm missing this little smart @heiressdharris I swear she came & got me took me to the tub & pointed I asked if she wanted to get in & she said uh huh just like in this video. Cutest thing to me!! #MamasBaby #Heir #Lucky7 #PHD"

Well, it looks like T.I. was more concerned about too much of Heiress being revealed instead of the level of cuteness on the video.

"Will you [cover] up my baby & put some clothes on her please?!?!?" he commented.

He added the praying hands Emoji for an extra touch, but Tiny still was not moved.

"She is a baby... none of her bottom half of her body is showing & she don't have [nothing] to show on top. Spare me with the extraneous it's unnecessary," she wrote in response.

Check it out on The Shade Room.

This isn't the first time fans have seen the two disagree in the public eye.

In fact, it happened pretty often on their former VH1 reality show, T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle.

In the latest season that closed out the series, millions of viewers saw the downfall of what was once considered the most popular relationship and marriage in Hip-Hop.

Despite all of the drama, there has been speculation that the two will be rekindling their romance.

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