Jenelle Evans Book: She Talks Absentee Father In 'Read Between The Lines' [VIDEO]


Jenelle Evans wrote about her strained relatinship with her father in her new memoir, Read Between the Lines: Diary of a Teenage Mom.

Although Evans has been known for her troubled relationship with her mother, Barbara Evans, in recent years, her relationship with her father is far worse.

“I loved and admired him,” Evans wrote of her dad, according to a report by Radar Online on July 31. “I still do in some small way. Maybe one day we can find each other, get to know each other, and he can finally be my father. Until then, he is just my biological dad.”

“He worked at a recording studio for a number of years, but playing music never paid the family’s bills,” she continued. “He had some other habits like carousing and hanging out with his friends instead of staying home. My mother used to give him hell for every little thing he did, but looking back on it now, I wonder if maybe she was just lashing out at him because of his misplaced sense of priorities.”

Evans' father's marriage to her mother, Barbara, was filled with turmoil and ultimately, after he fell down a flight of stairs while holding Evans, who was just 3-years-old at the time, she kicked him out of their home. 

“I turned out to be okay, but that was the final nail in the coffin as far as my mom was concerned,” she wrote. “My mother filed for divorce soon after, and by October 13 of ’94, they were officially done. Ten years of marriage gone thanks to bad habits and bad attitude.”

Evans continued to see her father from time to time until one day, when he arrived to his ex-wife's home to find that her longtime boyfriend Mike was present. Right away, he backed out of the driveway and never came back. 

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