Ed Skrein Gives Up ‘Hellboy’ Role Following Whitewashing Outcry On Casting

Ed Skrein has just been announced recently as the latest inclusion in the characters and casts for the film "Hellboy" Reboot. But before the filming of the movie ever started, the actor already revealed that he is dropping out of the movie following the whitewashing backlash issue which escalated on the internet after the casting news.

According to E! News, Skrein is set to play an important role in the said film through the character, Major Ben Daimio who is a member of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. In the description of the casts and can transform into a jaguar when in pain or angered. But if the Dark Horse comic is to be examined, Major Daimio was originally Asian and the actor did not know this fact.

In the days since his role was announced, there was a huge outcry which circulated on the internet over how the roles were cast. These people claimed that the Hollywood was once again whitewashing a character that should be Asian.

The actor took his opinion and reaction in a lengthy Twitter post in order to address and deal with the public's indignation. Skrein then announced and informed everyone that he was already stepping away from the movie in hopes that his role will go to an actor who better fit the character who is of mixed Asian heritage.

In the said Twitter post, Time reported that Skrein also shared the importance of giving honor and respect to how the characters should be well-represented in a film. He then mentioned that representing the character in a culturally accurate way holds value for people and that if he continued to ignore this, he might upset the ethnic minority stories and voice in the arts.

Going further, he said that he feels it is important to respect and honor that that's why he decided to step down so the character can be cast accordingly. The "Game of Thrones" actor also felt the importance of ethnic diversity representation especially to him as he has a mixed heritage family.

Then Skrein concluded his post by saying that he feels sad leaving "Hellboy" Reboot but if his decision brings everyone closer to that day, this will be all worth it. He also shared that it is one's responsibility to make moral decisions in tough times and to give voice to inclusivity.

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