Latest reports from Apple claimed that the iPhone 8 will be announced on September 12 at a special media event. With this, it is also expected that the said device will cost between $999 and $1,200 but it was also reported that Samsung is partly to blame for this exorbitant price.

With the excessive cost of iPhone 8, Mashable claimed that Samsung which is considered a rival of Apple and at the same time supplier contributed to the high price of the upcoming device. It was then added that Samsung's role in the supply chain may be driving up the costs for at least some parts of the said unreleased Apple device. With this, the higher cost to make and produce the device would be passed on to the users and the customers.

Apart from Samsung, it was also said that the main reason for the price increase of the iPhone 8 is its screen. Instead of using the LCD displays found in previous iPhone generations, it was reported that the new iPhone will be the first from Apple to have that OLED screens.

As mentioned by a source and another report, the OLED displays which came from Samsung for the iPhone 8 will cost about $120 to $130 per unit which is an increase from the $45 to $55 per unit cost of LCD panels in the previous times. Regrettably, Apple can do nothing to avoid this and much to the dismay of the company's legion of fans.

It was reported from Code Bringer that Samsung is the only producer of OLED screens and its phones have actually used them for years already. Moreover, Apple retained Samsung as the executive producer and provider of the said OLED displays for its upcoming iPhone 8.

Since Samsung was chosen as the sole provider, the company has the right to charge twice as much per unit as Apple paid for these panels from their past suppliers. That and no other else is the reason why there is a surging price of the iPhone 8.

Apart from this, there are still main factors and premium features like the facial recognition sensor that can contribute to the excessive cost of iPhone 8. But Samsung's expensive OLED panels are the main reasons.