Keyboard-Free Blackberry To Be Launched Soon: Believed To Be The 'Most Secured Android Phone In The World'

Latest reports confirmed that TCL, the company which produces phones under the Blackberry name will release a keyboard-free type of this smartphone's brand. Moreover, it was added that this new Blackberry will also be water-resistant and dust proof.

Lately, Engadget reported that the Chinese company just revealed and confirmed that it will broaden its appeal to more than just lovers of keyboards. With this, it will launch a full touchscreen device under the Blackberry name. Then it was claimed that the company is targeting the month of October for its launching.

The Blackberry users will not expect for Z10 or even a Storm since this device will all be keyboard-free. Even if all of the other phones of the company like its DTEK 50 and 60 are all-screen, this new Blackberry is different.

Meanwhile, TCL's head, Francois Mahieu shared that Blackberry has been known for building hard-wearing devices which are fitted for clumsy international travelers who will also be working in all types of weathers.

Apart from being full-touchscreen, the new Blackberry will also be IP67 water and dust proofing. Further, its battery is said to last for more than 26 hours of mixed-use since TCL believes that longevity and durability will be two of their biggest selling points. The company wants to produce a long-lasting phone that will keep going after the other brands of the phone have conked out.

Because of his claim, according to Tech Radar, Malhieu shared that he expects a number of Samsung Galaxy and iPhone users to make a switch to Blackberry come October. Besides, the company just assured that this new Blackberry will run Android but this means that this will be harder to make it stand out from the crowd.

In addition, it was also reported that the new Blackberry will have a full security know-how which will enable TCL to deliver the most secure Android phone in the world. The company is already used to fighting pessimisms with people and users looking down at their Blackberry devices and added that users should not write off their device just because it cannot stand toe-to-toe against Samsung and Apple.

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