Apple is said to release the iPhone 8 at a later date and the said device will not be shipped out together with the LCD-equipped iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s Plus. The reports just said that this will be shipped out at a later time but it is still not clear how long it will be between the availability of the two more models and the iPhone 8.

Mac Rumors also added that Apple will hold an event on September 12 and it was just speculated that the company will be launching the iPhone 8 on that date. Moreover, the company reportedly will be accepting pre-orders for the device starting September 15 while the new iPhones will be made available on September 22.

With the said update, there is a possibility that Apple will accept orders for the iPhone 8 but the device will not be ship out until later in the year. But with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the devices will ship out like what the company has planned this September.

It was likewise claimed that one of the factors that contribute to the extended supply shortages and shipping days of iPhone 8 is its manufacturing issues. Further, it was reported that there were problems creating the OLED displays for the said device together with putting the Touch ID under the display.

According to Tech News Tube, with all those factors, Apple is said to be approximately about a month being its target manufacturing date. Besides, previous reports claimed that Samsung is partly to be blamed for the excessive cost of iPhone 8 because of the company's pricing for its OLED displays.

Also, past reports suggested that there were serious supply constraints for iPhone 8 for months. This was not new to Apple already since these supply issue plague every release of new iPhone most particularly when these were the popular models. But I appeared that warnings of supply problems have been more prominent this year.

Lastly, some reports claimed that following the release of the iPhone 8 on the said date, there is a possibility that users will see severe supply shortages. With this, in order for Apple to reach the supply/demand balance, the company may not start shipping the said upcoming device until October or November.