Apple is set to release its iPhone 8 sometime soon but the internet is already ablaze with new rumblings following the final development of iOS 11 which hit the web just this weekend. The said leaks for the specifications of the device already confirmed a lot but the users still expect a couple of new revelations most especially in its features.

According to The Next Web, the Apple's firmware reportedly revealed that the new iPhone 8 features a Face ID which is different from the typical touch screen. This leaked feature necessitates the user to undergo the process of setting his phone up to be able to use the specification. Unlike the Apple's fingerprint sensor, this feature prompts the user to move the device to capture the face at different angles.

This so called Face ID could be among the most advanced facial recognition technologies if Apple will be successful in incorporating this feature to an iPhone 8. Apart from this feature, reports also claimed that the new device will have a bezel-less display. But the users were clueless about the purpose of the area around the notch.

The space which is found to the left and right of the camera notch has been the subject of discussion in the past day. Until previously, iOS developer Gulherme Rambo gave a glimpse of what that notch could look like which only is on a current generation phone.

Besides those above-mentioned features, the iPhone 8 will also have the AirPods which will get an upgrade also. Though this is not a major issue, sometimes, a minor tweak makes all the difference and for AirPod users, this could be a great addition.

The Verge reported that inside the AirPods case will be the existing charging indicator for some reason. For iPhone 8 users, this location might appear inconvenient as he needs to open the case every time he wants to check the status of the battery. The newer and upgraded AirPods should have made a decision that Apple should incorporate in the first generation of its iPhone devices.

Lastly, the most exciting feature of the iPhone 8 will be its animated emoji which means a fairly substantial emoji upgrade. This feature was dubbed as the "Animoji" and this feature reportedly supports the camera located on the front to develop cutely animated emoji based on the user's facial expression.