'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Season 10: NeNe Leakes On Whether She Told Bravo To Fire Porsha Williams

NeNe Leakes has a few more words for Porsha Williams after their run-in on the season premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo. It looks like the door to their friendship is closed for good.

Leakes took to her BravoTV blog to share her thoughts on the conversation in which she and Williams decided to confront one another about their issues.

“I felt the confrontation with Porsha was unnecessary! What she wanted to talk about was an appearance I made on #WWHL where a caller called in and asked my opinion about who I would get rid of after watching Season 9,” said Leakes before she recounted that her suggestions were “Freak & Fraud.”

Freak was an implication to Williams while Fraud was the nickname for former cast member Phaedra Parks. However, while Leakes suggested they do not return, she maintained she didn’t imply they should be axed from the popular reality show.

“During the confrontation, I said to her many times that I did not use the word fired! We are on these shows to give an opinion, and quite frankly after watching season 9, that was my opinion! Please understand that my opinion is strictly mine and mine only! I do not hold an executive seat on Bravo.”

Interestingly enough, Parks is no longer on the show. However, it might be safe to say it had nothing to do with Leakes as Parks sparked rumors that cast member Kandi Burruss wanted to date rape Williams. The speculation ended up being a season-long argument.

As for Burruss, she still has yet to interact with Williams after the latter spread the rumor in the previous season.Burruss, however, does have her thoughts on Williams’ friendship with Leakes.

Burruss also wrote in her blog about the argument between her two co-stars. She said she didn’t understand why Williams tried to mark Leakes naming her as someone who shouldn’t be on the show as the end of their friendship.

“…They haven’t been cool in years. That doesn’t make sense. Their friendship was over a long time ago,” said Burruss.

When it comes to Leakes and Burruss, the two ladies have finally been able to get along after bumping heads with one another after Burruss joined the cast in season two. There’s no indication as to whether there’s hope for Burruss and Williams.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Bravo Sundays at 8/7c. Keep up with Enstars for the latest.

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