In the midst of promoting his latest album, Oblivion, T-Pain decided to revisit his past hits and told fans via Twitter they've been signing the wrong lyrics from his hit songs for the past ten years.

The Tallahassee artist revealed it in his first tweet.

Fan Reactions

Social media users sarcastically responded to the musician by some claiming that T-Pain unnecessarily ruined their childhood. Others believe T-Pain is being facetious and not being truthful about the song's actual lyrics. "Clearly, the T in T-Pain doesn't stand for Truthful because we all know the correct lyric is "I'mma [sic] buy you a drank, ooh-wee," Twitter user Dustin Sloane wrote.

Others responded to the news by sharing hilarious GIFs to express their disbelief, while some fans said it's too late for T-Pain to announce (or allegedly change) the lyrics to his song. "You can’t change it up this late in the game, I already sang oooOOOoooh weeee [sic] in front of a live audience at karaoke. A few times," Victoria Williams jokingly tweeted.

T-Pain Witty Banter Continues

 Despite the backlash T-Pain received, he continued on his lyrical revelations tour by sharing the following:

"You didn't have to do this. lol [sic] Do you know how many years Mary J Blige let us think it was "dancery" and not "dance soiree," Twitter user 3 Gaug3 wrote when she saw T-Pain's second tweet.

T-Pain's New Album

Oblivion has received raving reviews from Billboard, NPR, and UPROXX. In an interview with Billboard, T-Pain shared what inspired certain tracks on his fifth studio album. "The message of the whole song is like, ‘Who died and made you boss of me?’ It was one of those ‘everybody shut the hell up’ songs -- it intros the album like, ‘Let me do my thing.’ It’s the most vulnerable [track] on the album," T-Pain said when speaking about the song "Who Died."

Take a listen to "Buy U A Drank" and "All I Do Is Win," below. Do you hear the correct lyrics or is T-Pain just playing his fans?

T-Pain's Oblivion is available on iTunes and major streaming services to listen.