Demi Lovato has just dropped the official music video for her song, "Tell Me You Love Me." The over 6-minute clip features Grey's Anatomy star, Jessie Williams.

Demi Lovato Launches New Music Video

The first few seconds of the video shows Lovato and Williams portraying the role of a couple preparing for their wedding. Everything seems to be going well for them. They are happy, excited, and in love.

However, while the two are in bed, Lovato checks her phone and Williams speculates that she's texting another man. When he asks who she is texting, Lovato simply answers, "Nobody."

The next scene shows the guests arriving at the couple's wedding venue. Everything has already been set up, but little do the guests know that the couple has been fighting for the past few days.

Williams tells Lovato that he thinks they are not ready to get married. However, Lovato insists that they are. Over two minutes into the music video, Lovato starts singing the words to her song. Clips of her walking down the aisle are also shown.

A teary-eyed Williams raises Lovato's veil, then puts the wedding ring on her finger. When it's Lovato's turn to put the ring on her fiancé's finger, Williams refuses to wear it. Instead, he gives the ring back to Lovato. He apologizes to Lovato for refusing to marry her and the guests are all shocked to see him leave.

Lovato breaks down in tears and before leaving the venue, she stands in the middle of the garden and removes the ring from her finger. She also said, "sorry," very softly.

The Teaser Prior To Release

Prior to the release of her music video, Lovato teased fans with a wedding invitation from her and Williams. On her social media account, she also uploaded photos of herself wearing a wedding gown.

Fans of the singer initially speculated that Lovato was getting married in real life. They also thought that she will be tying the knot with her ex-boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama. However, it was later on revealed that the photos were part of her music video.

"Tell Me You Love Me" is included in Lovato's sixth studio album of the same title. It was released on Sept. 29.

Complete Track List

The album has 12 songs in total, namely, "Sorry Not Sorry," "Sexy Dirty Love," "You Don't Do It For Me Anymore," "Daddy Issues," "Ruin The Friendship," "Only Forever," "Lonely," "Cry Baby," "Games," "Concentrate," and "Hitchhiker."