Just in time for "Throwback Thursday", it has been revealed that a classic 90's show will be making it's way to theaters in 2019. Nickelodeon's hit series, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, will be debuting in theaters on Oct. 11, 2019. 

The film will be an adaptation of the Canadian series that ran on Nickelodeon from 1992 to 1996 during SNICK. Screenwriter Gary Dauberman will be in charge of writing the script and Matt Kaplan will produce the film. Dauberman wrote the script for the remake of the Stephen King's It movie. 

"The show is about the shared experience of telling stories - especially scary ones. We're going to celebrate that with this movie and honor the darker, scarier tone of the show, which was really groundbreaking for Nickelodeon at the time. I hope the Midnight Society approves," Dauberman said

The Midnight Society

The series garnered critical and commercial success and several awards during it's run on Nickelodeon. The show in a way was an ode to another iconic series that told stories of mystery and terror, The Twilight Zone. The show was known to feature several celebrities during their early years of stardom. Stars such as Ryan Gosling, Tia and Tamera Mowry, Tatiana Ali, Neve Campbell, and more made special guest appearances.

Once Upon a Time actress Joanna Garcia Swisher and Clueless star Rachel Blanchard were series regulars.

No word has been given out yet as to who will be starring in the film. 

One of the show's main actors, Ross Hull, who portrayed Gary, shared a photo on Instagram celebrating the news of the film's release.

"If you're looking to get caught up on Are You Afraid of the Dark eps. before movie release in 2019 here's a great companion thanks to @mrjoseprendes #tbt#areyouafraidofthedark #midnightsociety#90s " , the post read.

The show revolved around a group of friends who would regularly meet to tell ghoulish tales around a campfire. While the show was a fan favorite among tweens and teens, many adults where fascinated by the show's originality as well.

Director M. Night Shyamalan has stated that he got the inspiration for his classic film, The Sixth Sense, from the show's episode, The Tale of The Dream Girl