R.Kelly’s two homes in Atlanta, Georgia, were burglarized during Thanksgiving weekend while the three-time Grammy winner was on tour in New Orleans.

The mansions were completely emptied and the mastermind behind the theft was Alfonso Walker who served as a part-time employee for the Chicago native vocalist. According to the report, items such as Kelly’s couches and even diamond hoodie were taken. Police officers of Johns Creek County, where the homes are located, said the crime was reported by Kelly’s housekeeper.

The Case

Detectives believe the stolen items were later sold off. A neighbor named Mark Gibson said when a third truck came to the house he lives next to, the police pulled up alongside it.

"They blocked the guy in. One of the guys got out with his gun drawn," he said.

TMZ revealed that law enforcement caught three men leaving one of the vans that were used in the burglary. When brought in for questioning, the men shared that they were hired by Walker to sell all of the items because Kelly was moving his businesses back to Illinois where he was raised.

Kelly’s neighbors say they saw the moving trucks and thought it was suspicious that all the furniture was being moved out of the house.

"Ultimately, it led them to an individual that they say hired them that works for Mr.Kelly's organization.They were told he was moving his organization out of Atlanta back to Chicago and was selling off all of his belongings," Gibson confirmed about the investigation.

Police say Walker was supposed to turn himself in on December 5 but he didn’t come to the station. The employee of the 12 Play vocalist is facing charges such as burglary and theft by deception.

R&B Star's Ongoing Scandal

Gibson was surprised to learn that he lived next to one of the megastar's homes. He even claimed he didn’t know there was anything important to steal inside the property.

News of Kelly’s homes being vandalized comes after two women, Kitti Jones and Jerhonda Pace stepped forward to share that R.Kelly has an alleged sex cult where he grooms young women to be his “girlfriends” (sex slaves).In news reports, they revealed that they had to perform sexual acts on him or other women who were in the house.

The women also claimed he doesn’t allow his “girlfriends” to have contact with their family, friends, or other members in his camp, especially if they are males. The women both shared that the musician created a dress code for his women and if his strict rules were broken, the women would be beaten by Kelly or left to starve in one of the rooms of his mansions or music studio.

Who Trains R. Kelly's Girlfriends

In an interview with The Real, Pace, who became one of Kelly’s girlfriends when she was a teenager, claimed she was trained by a woman older than her to please Kelly properly.

Learn more about her story in the video below.