Gabrielle Union is known for being an outspoken actress. Now, it looks like the Being Mary Jane star has called out Ryan Destiny of FOX’s hit Star series.

Gabrielle Union Said What About Ryan Destiny?

Union wrote about her first encounter with Destiny at a pre-Academy Awards party for women in her book titled We’re Going To Need More Wine. She pointed out that she had heard of Destiny as many critics and blog sites compared the two, stating that Destiny was in line to be the next Union.

When Union laid eyes on Destiny herself, she agreed that she could see the resemblance.

“I saw her in person and she looks like I literally gave birth to her. Gab 2.0, only better.”

Union said Destiny was honored to meet her but Union couldn’t get past the notion that the 22-year-old looked like a pre-teen. Things seemed to get even more awkward after Destiny asked if Union could be her mentor.

“B****, f*** you,” Union said was her first thought in the excerpt. “You want me to mentor you? The press is literally calling you the next Gabrielle Union… ‘except she can sing and dance!’”

She didn’t give nearly as awkward of a response in reality. Instead, Union explained that she smiled as the photographers came over to take a snapshot, causing Union to be self-conscious about standing next to “the next Gabrielle Union,” despite Union’s reputation for never aging.

Ryan Destiny Responds

Destiny caught wind of the comments and responded during an interview with Live Civil. While she described Union’s comments as “weird,” she said she was flattered Union included her in her successful book.

She added that she recalled the incident Union referred to but never would have guessed Union had those thoughts going through her head during their first face-to-face contact. She said the two talked at length about Destiny’s professional life such as what projects she was working on at the time and even her personal life like the mental struggle Destiny experienced with filming the intense FOX drama.

“She was just being supportive of that and she told me to push through it," said Destiny.

It might be safe to say Union meant no harm when she made the comments about Destiny. Fans of Union know she’s all about empowering women. She even has an Instagram feature in which she celebrates a woman every Wednesday for her own #WomanCrushWednesday.

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