The Royal Scandal: The Truth Behind The Marriage Of The Former King And Wallis Simpson

It's hard to believe, but the Royals are just like us. They're regular human beings with feelings and emotions, only they have a higher sense of duty bestowed upon them. The world was devastated by the divorce of Princess Diana and Prince Charles since the two had a "fairytale" wedding and seemingly perfect life.

When the reasoning behind the divorce made headlines, mainly Charles' alleged affair with Camilla, it was labeled a "scandal" and considered taboo in the eyes of the church, England, and the world. But many have forgotten, that there was another scandal that shook up the royal family decades ago but ironically is the reason why we have her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

The Crown

The hit Netflix series, The Crown, focuses on the reign of Queen Elizabeth in the early stages. The Queen ascended to the throne after her father's tragic death while she and her husband, Phillip, were in Kenya. One subject that series has touched on is the fact that her father, King George, reluctantly became king. The reason why he was reluctant, was because he wasn't supposed to rule.

His elder brother, Edward, was King when he gave up his crown to marry "the love of his life," American actress, Wallis Simpson. While there have been many scandals in the royal family throughout the years, this directly alternated the royal family line.

Because of Edward's decisions to abdicate the thrown and also because he had no heirs, his brother was forced to take on the title and move his family to Buckingham Palace.

While this might seem like a dream come true, many have claimed that because of Edward's choice Queen Elizabeth's father, King George, died at an early age. Ironically enough had this not happen, and Edward didn't give up his crown and married someone else and had heirs, Elizabeth might not have become Queen.

When Edward took the throne, at the time, Elizabeth was third-in-line, for the thrown. If Edward produced any children, his first child would've succeeded him.

While the royal family seems to have cast Edward out after his decision, it does seem noteworthy that if he didn't abdicate his duties then we wouldn't have seen the marriage between Diana and Charles, Prince Harry's wild adventure or his engagement to lovely Meghan Markle

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