'The Crown' Actor Says Selena Gomez Should Play Meghan Markle On Show, Internet Asks "Why?"

In today's news filed under "ignorance," The Crown actor Matt Smith suggested that Selena Gomez would be the best actress to play Meghan Markle's character on the hit Netflix show he stars in.

The Crown is based on highlighting the history of the English Royal Family.

Smith's co-star Claire Foy made a note during Smith and her television appearance on Watch What Happens Live! (WWHL) that it will take a while for the series's plot to unfold in modern times since it is currently highlighting Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip's marriage in the mid-twentieth century.

After Foy made that key detail, Smith gave his suggestion. "Who’s that singer…who goes out with Justin Bieber?" he asked. "Selena Gomez?" Andy Cohen, host of WWHL questioned.
Foy then jumped in, confirming Smith would pick Gomez to play Markle because he's her biggest fan. “You love Selena Gomez,” Foy exclaimed!

Although the two were very excited about Smith's choice, the internet felt otherwise for obvious reasons. Firstly, Selena Gomez is 25-years-old and identifies as Mexican-American. Markle, on the other hand, is 36-years-old and biracial with African-American and Caucasian heritage. Markle identifies herself as Black woman, as well; so, although Gomez is also a woman of color, it would be insulting not to hire a Black or bi-racial actress to play Markle in any show or film.

Smith's seemingly innocent statement, unfortunately, pushes the agenda that it is okay for Hollywood to erase Blackness and Black people when casting actresses to play characters who are of color.

Those who are fans of Smith were embarrassed he would make such a statement without a second thought and others accordingly dragged him:

Watch Smith and Foy's troubling interview, below.

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