Here’s What Manny MUA Has To Say About Kylie Jenner’s $360 Makeup Brush Set

Manny MUA weighs in on Kylie Jenner's controversial makeup brush set. The 16-piece set from Kylie Cosmetics costs $360.

On his YouTube channel, the 26-year-old makeup artist admitted that he was shocked when he first found out how expensive the brush set was.

Manny MUA Reviews Kylie Jenner's $360 Brush Set

In order to give his fans an idea of whether or not they should purchase Jenner's brush set, Manny MUA gave a thorough review of the brushes, starting off with the packaging.

He said that the actual silver packaging or container of all 16 brushes look cheap. Even though the packaging is stitched well, Manny MUA said that it doesn't look or feel luxurious.

Manny MUA also used Jenner's social media post as a reference on how each of the brushes would've cost if they were to be purchased individually. He couldn't believe that the most expensive brush is priced at $48 while the cheapest one is $18.

The famed makeup artist also criticized Jenner's remarks when she said that she's doing everything she can to give her clients high-quality products at the most affordable prices possible.

Manny MUA doesn't think this is what Jenner did because a lot of her critics claimed that Kylie Cosmetics couldn't be considered a luxury makeup brand. Jenner compared her brand to the likes of MAC and Keyvn Aucion, which Manny MUA thought didn't make sense.

He also said that based on how the set looks like, he knows deep in his gut that Jenner could've sold it at a cheaper price.

Brush Quality

Meanwhile, when Manny MUA touched the brushes, he admitted that they felt soft and nice against his palm. Jenner previously said that her brushes are top-quality and are not synthetic.

Manny MUA interpreted it as Jenner may have used real hair for her brushes. However, he also stressed the fact that there are a lot of synthetic brushes out there that are also made from quality materials.

When it was time to use it on his face, Manny MUA applied foundation and revealed that two to three bristles fell off. However, he also said that this is normal.

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Overall, Manny MUA said that Jenner's entire brush set works pretty well, but it's not worth spending $360 on.He added that paying for that amount should already give the brushes special features such as the ability to sing and feed the user.

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