Omarosa Responds To Robin Roberts Petty 'Bye Felicia' Comment: 'It's A Black Woman Civil War'

Omarosa Manigault responded to news anchor Robin Roberts’ comments after she insisted she resigned from the White House earlier this week.

While it’s clear Manigault is set to leave her position as an aide in the White House next month, there is still speculation of whether she quit or was let go.

Omarosa Manigault Calls 'War' On Robin Roberts

Manigault called out Roberts’ comments about her demise during an interview with Inside Edition on Thursday, Dec. 14 and it’s safe to say she wasn’t feeling it.

“That was petty,” Manigault said of Roberts’ statement. “It’s a black woman civil war.”

For those who didn’t catch Roberts’ subtle shade, it occurred during Thursday’s episode of Good Morning America. Manigault was speaking with Roberts’ co-host, Michael Strahan about her alleged decision to leave the White House.

She claimed that as the only Black woman in the administration, she witnessed and experienced things that made her feel awkward enough to walk away for good. She said that fans can expect to hear her full story when she’s ready to tell it.

Roberts was clearly not here for it and had a few words herself. “She has a story to tell, I’m sure she’ll be selling that story…Bye Felicia.”

Angela Rye Was All Laughs

Interestingly enough, Roberts wasn’t the only one who had quite the comment for Manigault amid rumors that she was escorted out of the White House as she allegedly yelled curse words during her exit.

CNN political analyst Angela Rye also had quite the reaction as she reported on the news on CNN Newsroom show with Brooke Baldwin earlier this week. She was accompanied by fellow journalists and CNN analysts April Ryan and Symone Sanders.

Rye sent a warning that she was about to do something that she knew Ryan and Sanders wouldn’t do as she responded to news of Manigault leaving the White House – whether voluntarily or involuntarily. Rye didn’t waste time before she busted out laughing on camera.

Ryan made it clear she didn’t agree with laughing at Manigault’s “demise” while Brooke covered her face with a sheet of paper. It appeared that Sanders also couldn’t hold back her laughter.

Rye continued and told Manigault, “Goodbye! Good riddance!” as she blasted her for not representing the African American community in a positive light. Still, Rye couldn’t hold back her laughter as she screamed one more time for the cameras.

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