On Saturday, Dec.16, Tina Knowles-Lawson attended the 6th annual Ladylike Day at UCLA.

The grandmother of four couldn't stop gushing over her grandchildren, twins, Rumi and Sir. The twins are Beyoncé and Jay-Z's children. 

In an interview with Us Weekly, Ms. Tina shared her thoughts on what it's like being a grandmother.

"It's not like being a mom because you don't have to have all the responsibility all the time, but they are amazing," the Louisiana native said.

Ms. Tina, as everyone should know, is the mother of singers Beyonce and Solange Knowles. Ms. Tina isn't just overprotective over her grandchildren, but she always holds her daughters down too. As previously reported, Ms. Tina took to Instagram to celebrate the growth of Queen Bey's hair. Ms. Tina captioned the photo, "INCHES!!!! So happy my baby's hair is growing back !! She is going to get me."

Ms. Tina Is A Busy Woman

The businesswoman also shared her thoughts on being a grandmother to twins.

"This is my first experience around twins, and they're so different, and their personalities, and they are wonderful." Ms. Tina continued.

When asked if she sees any of herself in the twins, Ms. Tina answered saying she thinks they take after their parents noting that the male twin Sir definitely takes after Jay-Z.

"[Sir] has a stare, like a mean mug, like Jay sometimes, which is so cute, and the girl, she's just so happy all the time and so sweet" she stated.

Don't mess with Baby Sir!

The BeyHive and probably everyone has been dying to know how Blue Ivy is adjusting to being an older sister.

"[Blue's] doing amazing! She's a big sister and she feeds them and she's excited. And she feels responsible for them being there because she prayed for them. " Ms. Tina elaborated

The Carter twins officially arrived in the world on June 13. The BeyHive will probably never forget the day Bey dropped the most adorable photo of herself holding the new additions to the Carter household. The twins are now 6 months old. The world will be waiting to see what the Carters have planned for their first birthday.

With holiday season around the corner, the BeyHive is also wondering what this Southern glam-ma will be cooking up.

"I'm going to cook the biggest meal with everything I know how to cook. We're all going to be together and I cannot wait," Ms. Tina said.

One could only hope to be blessed with a meal from Ms. Tina, but a family photo will suffice!