Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie seems to be determined to marry Robert Parks-Valletta -- even after the actor announced their breakup to his fans and followers on Instagram.

While the couple is no longer dating, and hasn't been since October of last year, Scheana Marie continues to speak of marrying her former partner. This led to tons of backlash online. Most recently, fans began to target the longtime reality star and waitress on Twitter after she wrote a message about trusting her former boyfriend over her friends.

"I trust someone I've known for 12 years (Rob) more than any of these girls who heard a story and thru the game of telephone exaggerated it," she tweeted on Jan. 9.

Scheana Marie was speaking of a report spoken of by Kristen Doute and Brittany Cartwright that claimed Parks-Valletta had kissed another woman during a night out. 

"You're in denial girl!" one fan wrote in response to Scheana Marie's post.

"He's been telling you he only wants to be friends and you don't believe THAT," another pointed out. "What do you think it means that he doesn't want to kiss you on the mouth? Come on."

A third follower encouraged Scheana Marie to wake up but the Vanderpump Rules star continues to speak highly of her former boyfriend. During a recent interview with Page Six, she spoke of getting married to the actor in the coming years. During the same interview, the reality star spoke of her future grandchildren and her plans to go on honeymoon in Bora Bora. 

Although Scheana Marie seems to have a one-track mind, her fans appear to be more realistic and continue to let her know what everyone else seems to see: that Parks-Valletta may not be that into her.

"You'd rather keep your blinders on than see the truth in front of you," another fan wrote this week. "He just isn't that into you. He got exposure for his new project from [Vanderpump Rules] and now he's your 'friend' minus the boy."

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