Liam Neeson, one of the world's most well-versed actors, has done it again. His latest film, The Commuter, is another thrilling, adventurous ride with a familiar plot. From portraying a determined father set on getting his daughter back in the Taken movies to a blackmailed insurance salesman man who has to save his family and his fellow passengers on a commuter train, Liam just showed that he is unstoppable.

While it misses a few stops, the movie gives an exciting spin on the life of the every day commuter.

Who Is Prynne?

The film follows Neeson's character, Michael McCauley, an insurance salesman who is formerly a New York Police Department officer. McCauley gave up the badge to provide a more stable life for his wife Karen and son Danny.

For the past ten years, McCauley has conducted the same routine: wake up at 6 am, kiss his wife, chat with his son, wife takes him to the train station, and he catches the commuter train.

McCauley knows all the regular riders and even the train conductors. McCauley and his wife are getting ready to send their son to college when he receives the devastating news of being let go from his job. On the way home, McCauley is presented with an intriguing opportunity from a non-regular commuter named Joanna (Vera Farmiga).

Joanna, who claims she is a psychologist that studies human behavior, poses a casual conversation with McCauley which ends with a hypothetical question. She continues that there is someone on the train that doesn't belong, who goes by the name Prynne.

McCauley must find this person, put a tracking device on them, and he would be rewarded $100,000 dollars. McCauley, at first believing this to be a joke, finds the down payment of $25,000 dollars in the bathroom. He takes the money but immediately changes his mind. Before he could walk away, Joanna forces his hand by threatening his family after he receives his wife's wedding ring from a stranger.

McCauley is in a race against time to locate Prynne and discover what the person knows. The story begins to unravel as more is revealed when he does locate Prynne and uncovers Joanna's real objective.

Shot with excellent cinematography and well-acted by a phenomenal supporting cast, The Commuter does over plenty of laughs, shocking moments, and fun action scenes that show Neeson can stop any type of transportation.

Also starring in the film are Patrick Wilson, Jonathan Banks, Elizabeth McGovern, and Sam Neill.

The Commuter is in theaters now!