Guess creative director Paul Marciano is the latest high-profile personality accused of sexual misconduct after Kate Upton outed him for harassing women.

Upton, born Katherine Elizabeth, called out the attention of Marciano in a couple of social media posts on Wednesday, Jan. 31. The supermodel joined the #MeToo movement that swept Hollywood by storm in the wake of Harvey Weinstein's scandal by branding the 66-year-old Guess co-founder as a sexual offender.

People had various reactions to her post. A few could not agree more with Upton's accusations. "I worked with him for a few years and was too afraid to say anything, but this is true. So very true," actress Sade Sellers, who appears in the TV series Virgin Love Diaries, replied to Upton's tweet.

“This is so brave, Kate. This and future generations of models will thank you for speaking out. Sexual misconduct in the fashion industry has been allowed to fly under the radar for too long,” retorted another user.

There are also those who want Upton to be specific with her accusations since she did not say whether she was a victim or she knows someone who was a victim of Marciano's misconduct. They want her to give proof that Marciano sexually and emotionally harassed women as she claimed in her Instagram post.

“This is not the French Revolution and this is not mob justice. If you have hard evidence & facts then state them. What would think if someone accused @JustinVerlander of #sexualharassment without proof? I believe in @MeTooMVMT but it’s undermined by accusations only,” user Charles Jedediah added.

Upton and her representative have yet to release a statement about the accusation. Guess has not responded to requests for comments either.