After This Is Us fans finally saw what was becoming of Jack, Mandy Moore hints that there are more devastating things to come.

Fans of the NBC drama series should prepare themselves as the next episodes would be more distressing. In an interview with Today, Moore, who plays Rebecca opposite Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), revealed that the next episode airing on Tuesday would just be more painful.

"It's, I dare say, even more heartbreaking," Moore admitted in the interview.

The previous episode, titled Super Bowl Sunday, gave details on the Pearson patriarch's death. So the next episode could focus on Rebecca trying to hold it together for their children and how she would face the death.

"I tell you, next week: Mandy Moore. She really goes through it in the next episode," Ventimiglia explained.

But it was not just in the series that the characters bawled their eyes out after the demise of Jack. Moore narrated that the cast had already watched the episode at the abode of Dan Fogelman, This Is Us creator.

After watching the devastating episode, Moore divulged that they were initially speechless but eventually cried after recalling all their favorite scenes.

"It affects us, too. Pretty much all of the episodes affect all of us. We all cry!" Moore admitted.

Even so, Moore disclosed that she and Ventimiglia already saw this sad event coming. They both noted that Fogelman had long shared how Jack would die but other details such as the time and way of death were not stated.

Moreover, Moore felt relieved that the cat is now out of the bag. She admitted that keeping this a secret was just hard and bothersome.

"It's just nice to pop that bubble a little bit. And now we can sort of move forward with the show and answer more pressing questions as well," Moore said.

The last episode saw Jack saving his family and some of their things out of their burning house, which stemmed from a slow cooker. After the exasperating bout with the tragedy, he was generally happy at the hospital where he was taken to be checked.

But just as Rebecca was checking on their children, Jack died after succumbing to heart attack. Kate, played by Chrissy Metz, blamed herself for being the reason why her dad had to go back to the house.

This Is Us airs on Tuesday on NBC at 9 p.m. EDT.