Alexander Skarsgård got candid about his opinions on inequality and expressed his belief that that gender bias does not happen in the film industry alone but also in other professions.

A Feminist

Skarsgård was blunt when he pointed out that there is a double standard in the film industry, which affects the women in Hollywood. The actor shared that he has actress friends who are affected by what he described as a "disgusting" gender bias.

The 41-year-old Big Little Lies star added that the inequality does not happen in Hollywood alone. It happens in other work environments.

"It's not a problem that's specific to Hollywood. I think you see this in many professions, where men in power think they're entitled. So these women are very brave to talk about it, and I do believe it will fundamentally change things," Skarsgård said in his interview with Elle UK.

The actor also admitted to being 100 percent feminist. He credits growing up in Sweden for his social views. Skarsgård pointed out that his home country is ahead in terms of equal rights and called Sweden "very progressive."

Time's Up

In the wake of the Time's Up movement that swept Hollywood, more women are speaking up against their abusers, mostly men of higher authority or power. Skarsgård is speaking up for the women who face gender bias in the workplace.

It is obvious that the Golden Globe winner is also a supporter of the movement, which helps provide legal aid to the victims of sexual abuse and assault. Skarsgård's Big Little Lies costars Reese Witherspoon, Margot Robbie, and Nicole Kidman all support the Time's Up initiative. They have also shared their personal experience of abuse.

Skarsgård's views on gender inequality contradict the behavior of the character he plays in Big Little Lies. In the HBO series, the actor plays the role of Perry Wright, an abusive husband to Celeste Wright (Kidman). Wright would often hurt his wife by choking her or pulling at her hair. The drama features several scenes of domestic violence where Skarsgård's character is involved.

The actor previously received criticisms for not talking about domestic abuse and violence in his speech at the Golden Globes and at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in January. Viewers thought that his acceptance speech would have been a great venue to address the sensitive topic.

However, Skarsgård clearly made his support for women in his interview with Elle UK. The actor admitted being a self-confessed woman's man.