Christian Siriano celebrated his 10th anniversary show at New York Fashion Week with a clear message about diversity. The designer proved that size and gender does not matter when it comes to his clothes.


Siriano continues to champion diversity in his fashion wear on Saturday, when Ashley Graham opened his show. The plus-size model walked the runway in a belted red coat with glossy boots. Graham also strutted down the aisle in a red dress that hugged her curves paired with a unique silver shawl. In an interview, she praised Siriano, saying that he is the only fashion designer who would put so many curvy girls in one show.

To celebrate his decade in the fashion business, the 32-year-old Siriano showcased a total of 72 looks. His Fall 2018 collection boasts dresses, evening gowns, robes, and suits in varying shades of black, burgundy, and red. Some colors are in metallic silver, gold, and blue. Siriano's clothes made every model look a knockout, regardless of their size.

A repeat of his 2016 runway show, the Project Runway winner showcased diversity in his collection by cleverly showing a sample-size model in one of his clothes and a slightly different version worn by a curvy model. The comparison was done in quick succession, although spectators at the New York Fashion Week did not even notice the difference. They only saw style in every shape and size.

Among the highlights in his Fall 2018 collection were the see-through lace and sheer designs, off-the-shoulder and thin-straps cocktail dresses, and shimmering suits. The bold designs and colors looked as great on curvy models as they did on the sample-size models.

Celebrity Presence

The celebrity presence at the New York Fashion Week also presented diversity. Spotted on their seats were rapper Cardi B, Blindspot actress Jamie Alexander, and Laverne Cox, who stars in the popular Netflix series Orange Is the New Black. Cox is also an LGBT advocate.

Other Hollywood stars at the event were comedian Whoopi Goldberg, Mad Men star Christina Hendricks, Meg Ryan, and Coco Rocha. Hell Boy star Selma Blair walked the runway wearing Siriano's catsuit, and Danielle Brooks, who plays Taystee in Orange Is the New Black, also walked the runway.

Talking about his 10th year at the New York Fashion Week, Siriano said that he is just happy to still be doing runway shows. He is also glad that other fashion brands are taking a stand for diversity. Other brands, including J. Crew and Prabal Gurung, are expanding their size offerings.