Kevin Hart’s wife, Eniko Parrish, might have had good intentions when she shared a letter she received from her stepdaughter, Heaven Hart. Fans made it clear they didn’t see it that way.

Eniko Parrish's Cryptic Post

Parrish shared a letter she said she found in her Notes app when she opened her computer on Valentine’s Day. She shared a screenshot of the letter from Heaven earlier this week.

Heaven gushed about Parrish and called her the “G.O.A.T.” (greatest of all time) before she encouraged her and let her know she could do whatever she wanted in life. She thanked Parrish for welcoming her baby brother, Kenzo, into the world. She referred to him as “mini heaven.”

Heaven continued the letter with expressing her love for Parrish, baby Kenzo, her brother Hendrix Hart, and father, Kevin. She ended with a now infamous quote, “Love always wins Bruh…”

Why Fans Went Off On 'Petty' Star

It didn’t take long for fans to blast Parrish for sharing the sentimental note. There has been lots of drama between Parrish and Kevin’s first wife, Torrei Hart. Parrish and Torrei have had online spats in the past in which Torrei accused Parrish of dating Kevin while they were still married.

In one of the latest incidents, Torrei spoke on Kevin’s cheating scandal in which he admitted to being unfaithful to his wife. Torrei pointed out that if Kevin cheated on her, she wasn’t surprised the same held true for his marriage with Parrish.

Fans said they felt as if Parrish’s decision to publish Heaven’s note was a jab and added fuel to the drama. One compared Parrish to Eudoxie, wife of rapper Ludacris.

“There are two types of women; Ludacris’ wife who you can see clearly does things genuinely and respectfully and there is your type who clearly does things spitefully. You’re a beautiful woman from the outside let it shine through from the inside…”

Another fan replied to the comment and agreed.

One fan pointed out that Heaven’s note was from Feb. 7, a week before Valentine’s Day. They accused Parrish of using Heaven’s letter to “spite” or “hurt” Torrei. They said the letter should have been kept private and not shared publicly.

Another fan echoed similar sentiments as another accused Parrish of writing the letter herself.

“She should embrace the child love for her without using the child’s love to stick it to the Mother. Totally uncalled for!” one follower added.

One fan said Eniko posted the letter because Heaven didn’t mention her love for Torrei in it.

“Team petty,” the fan wrote.

Parrish has yet to respond to the backlash.